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Our Personnel


Val Lozanskiy

Ext. 701

Val got his start as an I.T. specialist, integrating and maintaining myriad computer systems before starting his own business. One-Touch Systems has I.T. at its core - a very important core for smarthome systems and modern AV. This is one of the elements that makes One-Touch Systems stand out from the crowd.

Mark Atkins

AV Specialist

Mark has installed literally hundreds of AV systems, including surround sound, high-end stereophonic, multi-zone video and/or audio, outdoor systems, professional 70-volt systems, and more. His expertise will bring your project to the highest possible level of fidelity and ease-of-use.

John Proctor

Smarthome Tech

John is in charge of setting up all the various aspects of smart technology, including advanced remote control, lighting control, automatic drapery control, smartphone integration, and more. He'll provide your home with the IQ of a mensa member, yet with controls that a kindergartener can use.

Eric Rexburg

IT Specialist

Eric is our 2nd IT tech (under Val), and with all the certification to prove he's at the top of his game. He installs large-scale computer systems for businesses, and also integrates home-based systems with enterprise-level integrity. This insures that our smarthome systems achieve the highest quality possible.

Avi Yusef

Access Control
Ext. 705

Avi handles all of our entry systems, from simple domestic front doors to complex commercial systems with RFID. He can add/remove credentials for transient service-personnel, like housecleaners, and make sure every point of entry/egress is always secure.

Juan Veracruz

AV Tech

Juan is our secondary AV installer, and is responsible for running cabling, installing hardware, updating firmware, etc. Juan will work with you or your project manager to make sure every hardware location is exactly where you want it to be, regardless of the complications.

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